ulli-moirasgetisUlli Mirasgetis was born in Salzburg, Austria. She was taught painting for eight years in school, by teacher Arnhard Woitsch.

In 1978 she met the painter Karl Heinz Schreiner, a distinguished student of the Vienna Hundertwasser school. Professor Peter Huemer, of the Athens School of Fine Arts Linz has been a close friend of her. A family friend and teacher who was deeply influenced her, was the painter Professor Anton Teckert.

Her painting is determined by the love for the environment, nature and human life. In 1982 in Greece, she met her husband, George and follows him to Nigeria. “Life has color over there,” he said. Then Ulli, is inspired by this place, which is obvious in her work. Everyday life combined with the dream and the reality that changes colors and shapes, create a story without a beginning or end.

The brilliance of colors dominates her projects, invades gray inwardness of people and disrupts the depths of their souls. Her painting is a reduction in shapes and fantasy shades which reflect the real world, with an excessive artistic sensitivity. A dreamscape which she touches with her imagination in its excess and gives us it, in all of its glory.

The simplicity of line, the scale and wealth of inventions, indicates the value of the artistic creation.

Ulli Mirasgetis